A Kroonstad Jewel

The Sarel Cilliers bridge, better known as the Wawielbrug – so elegantly fixed – is an excellent example of what happens when people take hands and do something themselves, instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Kroonstad Ignite and Revive today wishes to thank a whole list of collaborators who have restored Kroonstad’s ‘grand old dame’ to her former glory. They are:

Uli de Barros (U Cole Mi Dio) ‘drove’ the project and oversaw the painting of the rails which ensured sophisticated stylishness and repaired a large section of the paving to the Bridge to ensure pedestrian safety.

Vihan Erasmus, RV Construction, for all the electrical issues involved – and for working in extreme weather conditions, also into the night.

Stephan van der Westhuizen (Pick n Pay, Panorama Plaza) – for the gift of the bold, beautiful lights!

Premier Milling for fitting those lights securely into boxes.

Gabri Grobler (Afriforum) for the very welcome financial contribution that paid both paint – and the painters!

Last, but not least, the painters, cleaners, dusters, and sweepers! We are all so grateful for the changes you have helped bring about!

When asked what the driving force behind these contributions was, our businesspeople were essentially of one mind – that cleaning up and beautifying our town will lead to a positive environment for local businesses – but also for investors. They all find real joy in participating with other members of the community in a cause bigger than themselves and they all just LOVE the feedback they are getting from locals, and from visitors who are stunned by what they see happening here.

Vihan Erasmus (RV Construction), involved with Neighbourhood Watch, says that his concern for the safety of residents – also those pedestrians who must cross the bridge – drove his contribution. He also feels whimsical about the erstwhile beautiful playgrounds and park on the riverbank – and dreams about the day when more and more residents will join in a communal drive to restore it to its pristine and pleasurable state.

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