Adopt a traffic circle / island

Another initiative of Ignite and Revive. At a meeting held in November 2020 between the businesses of Kroonstad and Moqhaka. The Adopt a Traffic Circle / Island was approved by an enthusiastic Executive Mayor, Mpho Chakane, who believed in serving his community. For the first time in many years the businesses, municipality, and community joined hands in a turnaround strategy for Kroonstad and massive change is evident for all to see.

The ongoing and effective project entails beautifying the traffic circles, islands, and other areas. Businesses can adopt an island or circle or area and be responsible for planting, pruning, fixing, painting, and maintaining it, and in return will be allowed to advertise on their circle or island free of charge. Various islands and circles have been adopted and restored by some of the businesses of Kroonstad.

Business + Government + Community/Schools = Success!

Contact for enquiries on how to Adopt a Traffic Circle / Island / Area.

“Let’s make Kroonstad Great”

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