Clean Up

The Autumn clean-up has been a big cleaning-up project where all the dye-back, overgrown bushes, and grass have been cleared away in various areas. With walkways and pavements cleared of overgrowth, it allows for a clearer view of traffic, and safer places for pedestrians and it improves security in our town. Another advantage of cleaning this time of the year is that there is no growth during Winter, providing clean areas for the next 3 to 4 months and allowing room for new growth in Spring.

Every person in Kroonstad can be a part of these cleaning-up projects. All volunteers are welcome! You can play your part by cleaning the pavement in front of your house or business and/or if there is an area in your neighborhood that you can help clean up. If we all stand together and do this, our neighborhoods and town will be a cleaner, tidier, and better place to live. Good and bad habits can be learned. Let’s learn the good ones and IGNITE AND REVIVE our town!

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