Dorp van die jaar finalis

Wow! Team spirit, co-operation, enthusiasm, hard work, planning, prayer, perseverance, joining in, ‘just doing it’ – these qualities have made Kroonstad great again! 

The jewel of the North is aiming for its crown to be put back where it belongs – and having been announced as the Freestate finalist in the race of Kwela “Dorp van die Jaar” – has been but our first step.

The Kroonstad Ignite and Revive team members wish to convey their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped in any way whatsoever – those who joined this ‘wildfire’ project that has brought back a sense of pride and of belonging to all our residents! 

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for our town.  Please do so for the next round as well. Let us spread this message of hope, of standing up against despair, decay and despondency, of taking hands with our municipalities, of working in unity for the benefit of all, – to every corner of our country.

Kroonstad, way to go! 

The Kroonstad Ignite and Revive Team wishes to thank Kwela for their shared enthusiasm throughout this journey – and also conveys their best wishes to all the regional finalists now competing for the proud title.

You can help Kroonstad win by voting up to 30 times between 17 and 22 July. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Thank you, all!

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