For the average traveller, Kroonstad might have always been the quick pitstop on their way to the real destination. However, should you take the time you will experience the cooperative spirit, commitment-driven, and future-vision community of this exceptional Northern Free-State town. As a testament to small-town values, the work of the community, and community-driven initiatives such as Ignite and Revive this Free-State jewel is yet again ready to rise.

The vision was always to kickstart a bustling economy and draw new investment to the town. The process of amalgamating the local primary and high schools was met with enthusiasm and commitment. This enabled the community to revive, renew and secure new investment through the ability to provide sustainable, performance, quality education in a rural setting.

Renewal led to improvement and learners at Trio High school now have access to quality education in both practical and academic fields. With a choice of over 28 subjects in 3 streams: academics, technological, and agricultural, the school truly has something for everyone, and it can make a confident contribution to the future-driven vision of the town.

Trio High School aims to develop future-orientated, balanced, and value-driven citizens that will make a positive change not only in their hometown but also in South Africa. Here everyone has an opportunity to develop and passionately pursue their interests and talents. All in alignment with the values of our town.

The clear, visible advancement, success and sustainability of Kroonstad speaks to the heart of the commitment and hard work of deep-rooted community members. The greatest part of all this? The best is yet to come!

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