Morewag Swimming Pool

Towards the end of 2021, a meeting was initiated and held by Ignite and Revive with the Mayor, municipal delegates, and CC Chickens at the Morewag swimming pool. The pool had been standing without water for five years and needed repairs. CC Chickens saw the need in the community to utilize the pool and was prepared to take on the challenge. The mayor, realizing what it would mean for Kroonstad, approved the project.

The newly formed Trio High School initiated the idea of providing the chemicals needed to keep the pool clean in return for their learners using the pool for training purposes. In this way, our children do not have to leave town to practice swimming.

Attention was given to the electricity and pumps; tiles were replaced in the pool; structures were painted, and gardens attended to.

It is CC Chicken’s vision to uphold and promote our community. We believe that if we take hands with the necessary role players, we can create a Kroonstad of which we can be proud and can be passed on to the next generation.

“Let’s make South Africa Great”

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