Some of the various projects that have been underway the last couple of months under the initiative of Ignite and Revive are the painting of curbstones, replacing of reflective tape and paint on the street light poles. Large rubbish bins have been placed throughout the CBD of town. The Wagon wheel bridge has been painted and the lights replaced – just to name a few. Some bigger projects that have been completed are the Morewag swimming pool which has been restored and repaired by CC Chickens.

The “Adopt a Traffic Circle / Island”, where businesses have the opportunity to restore, decorate and maintain a traffic circle or island has proven to be very successful and we are grateful for all the businesses in Kroonstad who have worked on this project.

During the Autumn clean-up, various open areas, walkways, and public areas were cleaned.

The accomplishment of these projects is owed to fact that a community, Municipality, and businessmen stood together to clean up our town. As the old saying goes “Many hands make light work”

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