The Beginning…

On the banks of the Vals river, a once thriving and growing town, called Kroonstad – one of the oldest towns in the Free State, was slowly slipping away into despair and disrepair due to many a reason. In 2016 a group of concerned businessmen and women got together to make a stand for their beloved town.

They started with small cleaning-up projects and tried to get the community, municipality, and government to work together towards a common goal. It was an immense task to take on with various challenges and obstacles, but with perseverance they stood their ground because they believed in their town and community. The people of Kroonstad are full of hope and vision for a better future, they just needed someone to start. The municipality has joined hands with this group and understand the essence of standing together. They assist with various projects where they can. Hence the start of the group – IGNITE & REVIVE!

Photo by Leon Strydom

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