Winter Clean-up day

Winter, a time to cuddle up and spend long evenings with your family and loved ones in a warm place, but it is also a time for maintenance in your garden and getting rid of the long rainy summer grass and undergrowth. Ignite and Revive is organizing a winter clean-up of our beautiful town this first coming weekend, the 2nd of July.

We would like to challenge every Kroonstadter to spend only one hour cleaning up in front of their own house and business this coming weekend. After that, tackle a small public area in your neighbourhood. This positive action is contagious, try it and see how your neighbour will start helping to clean your neighbourhood.

We all enjoy neat places, it makes our neighbourhoods safer, and it just looks nice. We would like to challenge all proud Kroonstadters to firstly clean their own house and pavement, and after that to clean a portion of any public area in our town. Yes, picking up papers that are not yours is not nice, but it makes all the difference.

Ignite and revive will be coordinating a clean-up drive at the major entrances of our town. If your own house is in order and your pavement is neat, please come and join us from 08h00 – 12:00, to help clean the major entrances of our town.

This clean-up will not only beautify our own town for the winter, but it will also beautify our town for all 5000 tourists to see that will be visiting next week during BOKKIE WEEK!

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone and every business who has been working very hard to beautify our town, please keep up the good work, and let’s make Kroonstad great!

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